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Urgofer makes automation simple. We create, implement, and maintain your automation strategy, so you can focus on what is important. No high upfront costs, no subscriptions, no committing to certain technology. Pay for what you use and enjoy automation without the headache.

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Automation to us

At Urgofer we see automation as a tool companies can implement to make their workforce more dynamic. By automating low value, repetitive, high volume, and highly transactional tasks, efficiency will be increased and error rate will go down. Employees will be able to focus on more complex core tasks, while not getting bogged down with the repetitive and the mundane.

Automation is a broad term, but the type of automation that we are implementing is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI technologies. RPA mimics the activity of a human on the computer as a result it is able to interact with existing systems. Processes need little adjustments to make them viable for RPA use, and the company can continue with business as usual without disruption. AI technologies can be used to make your automation strategy intelligent. By leveraging AI you are able to automate more complex tasks, and also gain insights through analytics.

RPA is a dream employee. It doesn’t need breaks, it doesn’t get sick, it works faster than a human, and doesn’t make mistakes.


These are the types of tasks that can be automated. It is by no means a complete list.


Invoice processing


A/P and A/R


Bank Reconciliations


Data Entry



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What does implementation look like

Urgofer works with you to create a custom automation strategy to meet your specific needs.

The first step in creating the automation strategy is to map out how the process is performed. While doing this step it is important to record all exceptions that may arise. Mapping out the process will make it possible to give the robot clear instructions on what to do, and how it should be done.

Once you have the instructions for the bot you can start to train it. This is done by taking the bot manually through the process. As the bot goes through the process you will be able to find areas where the bot needs fine tuning. Once the bot is trained it will know when to start a process, complete the process, and track how long it took to do it.

Because each automation strategy is unique the time it takes to implement a bot can vary, but you can expect it to take 2-3 weeks on average.  


The bot will use the same login as a human to access the applications that it will need to complete the process. This means that employee on boarding is the same for the bot as it would be for a new employee in and IT context.

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What we offer

Urgofer offers reliable, dynamic, non committal, and cost effective automation services.

After the implementation phase we continue to monitor your automation strategy. This allows us to ensure processes are being completed correctly, and fix problems quickly.

There is no commitment. Your are not locked into a particular technology. Making it easy to switch on the fly when necessary, and also to be able to use a wide variety of different technologies if needed.

We have a unique pricing strategy that allows you to pay for what you use. You will be charged by the hour of automation use, and a one time small implementation fee. This eliminates expensive leases, and long commitments, and lets you control costs while trying a new technology.

Implementing a software robot to do the low value added tasks increases efficiency, letting human employees focus on important work.

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